Hair fall – Dos and Don’ts

Hair fall – Dos and Don’ts


By Dr Anuj Saigal , Dermatology

Hair fall is a serious problem among most people. Not only women, most men as well are susceptible to such a condition. There are a lot of agents that accelerate hair loss and even lot more that inhibit the process. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, you should start to recognize the signs early and do something about that.

Dos and Don’ts of Hair Loss
You need to keep in mind the various practices you should not resort to and others that you must. If you have started losing hair, it’s time that you be quite careful with them.

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day: Most people would not need to wash the hair every day. The hair structure is affected by the use of shampoo and conditioners that make them prone to further damage. However, showers should not be skipped.
  2. Do dry the hair gently: An excessive force while drying hair puts unnecessary pressure on them, thus making you lose more hair. Finer hairs are broken off by physical force, and the new hairs do not stand a chance of growing. Thus, you should be careful and use a soft towel for the purpose.
  3. Do keep the hair short: Unfortunately, it is the time that you say goodbye to the long hairstyles. Longer hair may accentuate for the loss, but the shorter crop will give maximum coverage to the hair locks.
  4. Don’t Comb and Brush too much: Using brushes and combs might put unnecessary stress on the hair which you would like to avoid. Whenever possible, you should use your fingertips to style the hair. If a new cut becomes necessary, then you should get one.
  5. Don’t overdo with the styling products: Gels and pastes help smoothen hair and hold them in place. However, caution should be taken to use quality products. A bad quality product can remove a chunk of your hair every wash. Thus, using styling products on scarce scalp might not be a good idea at all.
  6. Do be cautious of baldness cures: Some baldness cures might arouse expectations. But you need to understand the fact that most of them do not work. Various therapies are designed to remove DHT, a substance that plays quite a role in hair loss.
  7. Don’t take excessive stress: Forget about finding out the reason for the hair loss. If you do not reduce stress, the issue would be much more permanent.
  8. Do Eat Healthy: Eating healthy and green leafy vegetables would help a lot. A loss of hair may signify that your diet is not proper at all. Maintain a healthy diet, and much of the problems might be addressed.

Keeping these points in mind will surely go a long way in maintaining proper hair growth.