Breast Reduction – Know Its Pros & Cons

Breast Reduction – Know Its Pros & Cons


By Dr Prashantha Kesari , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

The procedure to remove extra glandular tissue, breast fat and skin to attain a proportionate breast size is known as breast reduction. It is done to bring some comfort from all the pain associated with overly huge breasts.

The main aim of breast reduction is to trim the breast size so that it is proportionate to the rest of the body. Breast reduction surgeries are done often. It has the benefits of improving appearance and alleviating the emotional and physical burden of overly huge breasts.

You can consider breast reduction if you experience the following-

  • Pain in back, neck and shoulder due to large breasts
  • Heavy breasts that point downward and have areolas (pigmentation around the nipples)
  • One breast is larger than the other
  • Feeling self-conscious or unhappy if you do not like the appearance of your breasts


  • Breasts feel firm and proportionate
  • Pain relief in neck, shoulder and back which makes it better to exercise and breathe
  • Clothes will fit you better and you will feel confident


  • Loss in sensation in areolas and nipples
  • Complaints of nipple and breasts looking a little uneven
  • Breastfeeding may become difficult