How Effective Is Homeopathy In The Removal Of Kidney Stones?

How Effective Is Homeopathy In The Removal Of Kidney Stones?


By Dr. Uday NaikHomeopathy

Patients with kidney stones only know how horrifying it is to deal with the abdomen pain. Basically, kidney stone, also known as renal calculi, is a medical illness which takes place due to the presence of stones in the urinary system. Urethra, kidney or bladder, these stones can form anywhere of the urinary system. The stones are formed when the urine becomes concentrated due to dehydration. Lack of water intake too can be responsible enough for kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones

There are a few common symptoms which usually can be noticed among the patients of renal calculi. The most common symptom is pain in lower back and abdomen region. Sometimes the patients may feel a burning sensation during urination. Blood discharge can be noticed during urination. The colour of urine may turn to pink, red or brown due to the presence of blood in urine. Patients build an urge of urinating very often. Along with these, vomiting and nausea both are common symptoms of kidney stones.

People who don’t have a good drinking habit are more prone to renal calculi. So drinking water is important in order to avoid forming kidney stones.

Treating kidney stones with homoeopathy

When it comes to treating kidney stones, homoeopathic treatment has proven to be the safest one. Many years of research have established homoeopathy as the most holistic way of treatment. Treating kidney stones with homoeopathic medicines is easy, effective and safe. It doesn’t require any expensive surgery like allopathic procedure. With some simple homoeopathic medicines, you can completely dismiss renal calculi permanently.

Research shows that more than thousand homoeopathy medicines have the potential to cure kidney stones. But here are some most used and effective homoeopathic medicines which are frequently used in treating kidney stones:

1. Berberis vulgaris mother tincture: This is one of the most mentioned homoeopathic medicines for treating kidney stones. This is more effective in removing stones which form in the left part of kidney or left urethra. Patients with kidney stones are prone to feeling the stiffness around the kidney area. There might be a problem in moving or bending. Berberis vulgaris can help you get rid of these symptoms by curing the renal calculi permanently. In fact, Berberis vulgaris is the most common medicine taken by the kidney stone patients. But before starting to take the medicine, it is advised to take advice from a physician.
2. Cantharis: Cantharis is one of the renowned medicines which are effective in treating kidney stones with burning sensation while urinating. Cantharis does wonders to such problems.
3. Lycopodium: Lycopodium is a wonderful medicine for treating kidney stones in right kidney or urethra. It has the potential to stop forming the stones.
4. Sarsaparilla: Sarsaparilla is a deep acting medicine known for treating stones which are responsible for producing white sand in urine. Patients with this type of stones feel intense pain after passing urine.
5. Benzoic acid: Benzoic acid is an excellent medicine for treating kidney stones which are responsible for producing bad smell in urine. The medicine is also effective enough to control the uric acid level in the human system.