Hair Fall in Women – Causes and Treatment of It

Hair Fall in Women – Causes and Treatment of It


By Dr. R.Brahmananda Reddy , Dermatology

Do you walk out of the shower leaving behind too many strands of hair on the floor? If yes, it is perhaps time for you to take hair loss seriously. Sitting tight with a problem and complaining continuously can only make you more depressed draining out the minimum willpower to actually deal with it. Whereas, consulting a dermatologist to know more about the health of your scalp can help. Pattern baldness, though a common thing in males is not solely restricted to them; it affects females too.

Psychological impacts of hair thinning can be far- reaching. Hair loss or hair thinning could indicate a serious fundamental threat while at times it is the result of an unbalanced way of life. It is essential to take note where exactly you go wrong in taking care of your hair. Some knowledge of treatments for cases that are beyond your efforts in correction serves satisfactorily whenever you are in need. Reviewing significant changes in lifestyle that can improve your condition is also necessary.

Factors that Lead to Hair Fall-

1. Lack of a protein rich diet.

2. If you are a new mother, you are likely to suffer from increased hair loss.

3. Hair fall can follow a hereditary pattern.

4. Hormonal issues can increase hair growth on face and chest, reducing its growth on your scalp.

5. Chronic anemia could also be a reason.

6. If you are deficient in Vitamin B, expect hair thinning.

Treatment of Hair Fall in Women-

1. Head massages in the shower improve blood circulation.

2. Use of Minoxidil can enhance the size of hair follicles.

3. The supplement known as Viviscal can help fulfill your deficiencies.

4. Laser treatments help hair growth by treating inflammation of follicles.

5. Hormone treatment or thyroid correction is usually helpful.

6. Start eating a balanced and nutritious diet.