Bladder Cancer – Symptoms And Treatment

Bladder Cancer – Symptoms And Treatment


By Dr. Rajesh Gulia. , Urology

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that originates from the bladder (an organ in the abdomen that stores urine). The exact factors triggering bladder cancer are still unknown but certain factors such as prolonged exposure to chemicals and other radiations, parasitic infestation and smoking are believed to be the major triggers. It occurs due to abnormal cell division and growth that subsequently evolve into a tumor.

Signs and symptoms of Bladder Cancer:

  1. Pelvic pain
  2. Back pain
  3. Painful urination
  4. Frequent urination
  5. Hematuria or presence of blood in the urine, that gives it a reddish hue


For the initial stages when the cancer hasn’t spread:

  1. Transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) to eliminate the cancer confined within the internal layers of the bladder
  2. Segmental cystectomy or partial cystectomy is done to remove the part of the bladder that comprises of the cancerous cells
  3. Immunotherapy or biological therapy is done to boost up the body’s immune system to combat the malignant cells

In case the cancer has spread beyond the bladder walls:

  1. An operation called radical cystectomy is done to eliminate the entire bladder
  2. Surgery to build a new alternative pathway for urination
  3. Chemotherapy uses a combination of drugs to do away with those cancerous cells that still remain after the surgery
  4. Radiation therapy is used as the last resort that utilizes high-energy rays to destroy any remaining malignant cell