Does Masturbation Improve Performance In Bed?

Does Masturbation Improve Performance In Bed?


By Dr. Singh , Sexology

A study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that men with more than ordinary masturbation habits may develop sexual problems. These habits are defined by techniques that cannot be replicated by the partner’s hand, mouth or vagina. These men were advised by sex therapists to maintain sexual abstinence and, then, to replace old preferences and practices with new ones. This had a positive effect on their sexual performance. The men reported greater satisfaction during sex with their partners and decrease in sexual dysfunction.

Excess ejaculation can have the same hindering effect on sexual performance. When a man is addicted to erection and ejaculation in a particular way, his time with his partner can be effected negatively because of performance pressure that she may find herself facing. In such cases, refraining from masturbation is advised to be an easy solution.

Generally, excessive masturbation may also reduce desire to have sex. In this situation, as well, refrain and control so far have been identified as a way to improve performance and satisfaction. If that doesn’t help, however, it is likely that emotional issues such as anger, anxiety or stress are the causes.

There is no clearly-proven, direct effect that masturbation seems to have on sexual performance. It may be preferable, though, to save one’s desires for interaction with one’s partner as that increases drive and passion. But, this is also dependent on an individual’s libido. If masturbation leads to no loss of physical interest in the partner, then there is no supposed limit for solo rides!