Can not Seem to Understand Her! Find Out The Things She Wants in Bed!

Can not Seem to Understand Her! Find Out The Things She Wants in Bed!


By Dr. Amol Bamane , Sexology

While men are mostly physical and visual when it comes to lovemaking, women have far more complicated thought processes about lovemaking. Thus, men in committed monogamous relationships may sometimes have a hard time understanding what their women need to get turned on, enjoy better sex and come to climaxing. Here are a few pointers, which can help you to understand and do the things she actually wants in bed.

1. Building it up: Women like the buildup to sex than just the physical act of lovemaking. Build up just doesn’t mean foreplay, but how sensual you are around her leading up to the session. Women like to be appreciated honestly to raise their confidence and to make them eager towards physical lovemaking. You can whisper things in her ear in a sensual, but not vulgar manner and mention her good qualities. This will let her feel appreciated and also be relaxed in bed thus, helping her to enjoy sex more.

2. Rough it up sometimes: Many women in monogamous, trusting relationships have stated that they feel unfulfilled as their men are afraid to take charge and be slightly rough with them in bed. Women like to be ravished during certain times and they would want their men to fulfill their fantasies. However, ensure that she is relaxed and willing and also ask permission whether she would like that firstly or not. If she says yes, then go ahead and be a little rough with her and stop if she doesn’t feel comfortable.

3. Ask and communicate: Ask women what they would want as most of them would feel inhibited to tell a man what she likes due to social conditioning. Women are often brought up to feel guilty about sexuality and you as a man, can be the person who breaks her barrier for her to let her guard down and enjoy sex fully.

4. Variety: Women are more emotional than men and thus, what they like in one moment may change immediately in the next moment. For men, it is necessary to thus bring in variety within the bedroom. Women may or may not ask for this expressly, but as her partner, you should keep changing the routine with various sex acts and various techniques to make her enjoy sex more.

5. More foreplay in every form: Foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to be only kissing and caressing, but can take many forms. Women like slow sensual massages as well as backrubs and even caressing over clothes. Don’t look at these as just buildup to sex, but sex acts in themselves. You can bring a woman to orgasm by massaging her all over her body and then stimulating her genitals. This will help her enjoy sex in general a lot better and be more free and open with you.