How To Deal With Negative Thoughts About Your Body?

How To Deal With Negative Thoughts About Your Body?


By Dr. Sharath Kumar C , Sexology

Are you obese and do not like how your body is? Do you get negative thoughts related to the way you look? Having a negative body image can be quite harmful for any person, as it kills your self-confidence, and can cause great distress in your life. It is likely for a lot of obese and heavy people to develop a negative body image. It may make a person feel unwanted and isolated, and often leads him or her to go into depression. It is important for you to get over these thoughts. Here are some important ways for overcoming a negative body image:

1. Do not be mean to yourself and to others
• If you have the habit of making fun of people you feel are overweight or ugly, it is likely for you to be more preoccupied with your own appearance.
• You should not classify people who are different from you into separate categories.

2. Get over the dieting hype
• People who are dieting constantly are at a higher risk of developing eating disorders, and are likely to become binge eaters.
• This causes several harmful effects on both your physical and mental health that include irritability, depression, anxiety, metabolic syndrome, and digestive disorders.
• Keep in mind that dieting does not always work. A lot of people who diet gain their lost weight back soon, and gain more than they had lost.
• Eat right, exercise regularly, and sleep properly for controlling your weight perfectly.

3. Focus on other things
• Instead of obsessing about your outer appearance, you should focus on other things in life, such as leisure, education, and socializing.
• Get involved and engrossed in something productive with people who share the same interests as you.

4. Accept how your body is
• It is important for you to know about your body and accept the way it is. It is possible that you may have inherited your father’s height or have large hips similar to your mother’s.
• Genetics are strange and unique in the case of every individual.
• You have to love your body first before you start thinking of measures to work with your body size or shape.

You should understand that it is bizarre and unrealistic to have weight goals that are meant for a person who is shorter or taller than you. Such measures lead to failure in most cases. You may have the same height as another person, but your large built makes you and your approach different.