Warts – 4 Ways You Can Treat it!

Warts – 4 Ways You Can Treat it!


By Dr. Nitin Jain , Dermatology

Warts are quite annoying, to say the least. Nobody likes an ugly, red blotch sitting right on the face! However, though each day they persist may seem like a pain, if a person is willing to take the right steps, warts can be history quite soon!

Now say bye to Warts!

  1. Freeze it: A form of treatment for a wart which is quite popular is to freeze it. This is usually done by making use of a really cold spray which can be bought over the counter without needing the prescription written out by a doctor. What happens to the wart when the spray is applied to it is that it eventually falls off.
  2. Tape it: Another solution which is quite unorthodox, at the very least happens to be the use of duct tape! This weird method is followed by taking some of the duct tapes and putting it over the wart. Remember, every few days, the piece of tape is to be changed.
  3. Electrify it: A rather sophisticated way to go about dealing with warts is to go for a procedure, which is known as electrocoagulation. Now, the secret of this method is to make use of a high frequency current in order to remove the wart. Under normal circumstances, electrocoagulation is a method of removing warts which can cause a lot of pain. As a result of the same, the use of local anaesthesia is required. However, it does not make much sense to go for this method as there is a pretty large chance that a scar will be formed.
  4. Zap it: Talking about courses of treatment, which require the use of local anaesthesia, laser therapy can also help you. As a matter of fact, it is preferred to use electrocoagulation on account of the fact that while it does leave a mark, this mark goes away over the time span of a few weeks and so there is no sign that there was a wart to start with!

While a person may prefer a certain method to treat warts, which have been causing him or her irritation, the best person to help him or her make the decision happens to be none other than the doctor. A medical professional will be able to apprise the person with the warts of all the risks and benefits which are involved with each and every option that is available. Warts may be things which are irritating to deal with, but the range of treatments which exist promise that there will be an ideal solution to not having to deal with them!