7 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Pigmentation!

7 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Under-Eye Pigmentation!


By Dr Anuj Saigal , Dermatology

Be it lack of sleep or the iron deficiency, the cause behind the under-eye pigmentation can be various. But no matter what causes under-eye pigmentation or dark circle, when it starts to affect the look of a person, it becomes a serious beauty concern. It can not only dull one’s overall appearance but also may lead to other health issues. Therefore, here are a few extremely effective tips that can help one deal with the under-eye pigmentation in the easiest way possible.

Have enough sleep
Changing the sleeping habit can help in this regard. Often it is because one isn’t getting enough sleep that pigmentations start to become visible under the eyes. Therefore, if that person has a sound sleep of eight hours’ each night, it will surely lead to a dark circle-free face.

Control puffiness
Puffiness of the face is often considered to be one of the many major causes behind dark circles. Therefore, by controlling the puffiness, one can have control over the under-eye pigmentation. Sleeping on the back with the head elevated using pillows can help in preventing fluid buildup in the face, reducing puffiness as well as the dark circles. Taking proper medications for allergies, if one has any, is also necessary, as they may cause puffiness too.

Remove eye makeup
Whether it’s the slightest amount of mascara or a line of eyeliner on the eyelids, removing complete face makeup before going to sleep is necessary for prevention under-eye pigmentation. Leaving the makeup on the eyes for a whole night not can make them puffy and watery, which may lead to the formation of a dark circle.

Try home remedies
There are plenty of effective home remedies that people can try to reduce under-eye pigmentation based on their skin type. From raw potato to lime juice, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, orange peel, cucumber, aloe vera etc., one can easily choose the most convenient home remedies and try them regularly to see the dark circles vanish. The majority of the home remedies, not only help in removing the dark circles but also works towards protecting the skin and cleaning it from various impurities.

Eat healthy, live healthy
Along with trying different home remedies and taking dark-circle prevention steps, one needs to eat healthily and follow a healthy lifestyle to get rid of under-eye pigmentation. While the fresh green vegetables and fruits can help in making the skin look young and fresh. Regular exercising helps in proper blood circulation, which reduces the puffiness and stress, the root causes behind dark circles.

Observed in both men and women, under-eye pigmentation often ends up tormenting people by making their appearance dull and gloomy. However, if one follows the above-mentioned tips carefully, the dark circles will not only be lightened, but he or she will get a more hydrated and nourished skin around and under the eyes.