Mommy Makeover For All Mommies!

Mommy Makeover For All Mommies!


By Dr Ashit Gupta , Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Mommy makeover is the combination of several surgical procedures involving cosmetic surgery and liposuction among other techniques aimed at providing a solution to the adverse effects of pregnancy on the body shape. It is also known as post-pregnancy surgery.

Mommy makeover changes the shape and size of the body for most women who have been worried about the shape of their bodies after pregnancy. Women usually consider this particular surgery owing to the misshapen breasts or abdomen fat after pregnancy. There are certain pros and cons to the given surgery. For example, a pregnancy post-surgery or gaining weight reduces the effect of the surgical procedure.

The surgery chiefly includes procedures such as:

  1. Abdominoplasty which aims at a flat abdomen by removing excessive cellulose.
  2. Lipoplasty which aims at removing cellulite from the hips and arms that become rather misshapen after pregnancy.
  3. Mastopexy which involves the uplifting of the breasts which tend to sag.
  4. Breast reduction and breast augmentation are also associated with mommy makeover. Breasts and abdomen are the most affected areas of the body after pregnancy and most surgeries under this procedure aim at reducing excess fat from the concerned areas.

The women are asked to attend counseling sessions to gain complete information of the surgical techniques and understand fully the pros and cons of the surgery and what they can expect out of it. Women undergoing the makeover process are given a choice between mastopexy and augmentation about the choice of saline, silicone implants or fat grafting. Special care is taken to avoid remove pregnancy stretch marks and incision marks. Cosmetic surgeons are especially trained in hiding the incisions.

The women opting for the makeover are often advised to make a thorough and informed decision before going through the procedure. Caution is advised before opting for most surgeries as they can result in a number of adverse effects. The aftercare of the surgery is especially important. It is important to understand that the results of the surgery get severely affected on going through another pregnancy.