Thread Lift – Benefits And Procedure

Thread Lift – Benefits And Procedure


By Dr. Vivek Mehta , Aesthetic Medicine

If you are thinking of undertaking a cosmetic procedure for tightening your skin, you should opt for thread lift. A thread lift, also known as invisible lift, is a procedure in which sutures or threads are placed under your skin for volumizing and tightening areas of your skin, which are sagging or have become loose. Similar to suspension cables, they are designed for holding your skin in place and for providing support, which defies the effects of old age and gravity.

Thread lifts are an ideal alternative for facial rejuvenation, which do not involve hospitalization, anesthesia, or a long recovery period. Immediate results are observed, which keep on improving up to two months after the procedure is undertaken. Thread lifts can be performed in several areas of your body and face, either for a specific problem, or for an overall rejuvenation of your face. They are beneficial for people who are looking for a natural yet effective method for skin tightening. Threads are considered to be a great option for people between the ages of 30 to 60. It is also okay to be undertaken by younger people who want to improve their skin’s appearance.

The procedure of thread lift depend on several factors. It involves the use of a thread, which is inserted under your skin in such a way that the skin gets lifted. Before a thread gets inserted, markings are made for determining the entry point properly, along with the directional vectors and point of exit. The entry points and exit points depend on the type of thread used in the thread lifting process. A topical numbing cream is applied, and a puncture is created using a needle with a large gauge. A thread is inserted along the marked lines, and after tightening, the cones or hooks of the thread help in holding your skin in a new, lifted and heightened position. Areas like your cheeks require several threads for plumping them up. Laced sutures, which lock your skin to the lower jaw region, support the neck.

The results of a thread lift are immediately observed, and they keep on improving over the following two months, as collagen remodeling comes into effect. The threads are not visible, but may be palpated in some specific areas. A little bit of discomfort such as mild aches and sensations during chewing or smiling are likely, which go away within a few days. The incisions made for entry and exit points are quite tiny, and do not take much time to heal.