Stuck in a Rut! Kick The Sex Quotient Up a Notch With These Tips

Stuck in a Rut! Kick The Sex Quotient Up a Notch With These Tips


By Burlington Clinic – India Best Sexologist Clinic , Sexology

Is your love life on the rocks? Is your partner complaining and whining over how much better the entire experience could have been? If yes, then get ready to turn her world upside down (pun intended) with these simple sex tips. In this article, the focus is going to be on things (non-medical issues) that you can alter in your sexual performance. So, if your performer is free from medical afflictions and simply needs a shakeup, then read on.

1. Change your positions: If you are still going the missionary way, then you need to have a serious rethink. Change the positions, try newer positions such as the cowgirl or the more adventurous ones (your choice of position should depend on how strong your core is or your pelvic muscles are). Bringing in variety can break the monotony and might even make it more pleasurable for the both of you.

2. Try role play: Role play is another factor that you can introduce in your lovemaking. Dressing up as each other’s fantasy will cause mental stimulation and is most likely to result in better sex.

3. Go gadgetry: You can give those gadgets a try; from vibrators to other sex toys, a range of these pleasure toys are available in the market today that can tip the pleasure scales in your favor. There are a host of sex toys to choose from. So the hint over here is to get kinky.

4. Sext each other: Taking advantage of the communication tools, sexting is another way for self-stimulation. Sudden texts to your partner with subtle sexual innuendos can increase your chances of having a good night, provided you play your cards right.

5. Foreplay: Enough can’t be said about the importance of foreplay, so if you are not doing it right, it might just lead to your downfall. Tease your partner, touch those sensitive little spots and go oral before you actually engage in the final thing.

So, the next time you get ready for it, use these tips and the wry smile on your partner’s lips at the end of it should say the rest.