Tips To Deal With Pain In Biceps

Tips To Deal With Pain In Biceps


By Dr Gautam Das , Pain Management

The muscle that is present in the frontal region on the upper part of the arm is called the bicep. Bicep pain is usually brought about by muscle straining, tearing or irritation of the tendon connecting the biceps.

Causes behind pain in the biceps

Some causes for pain in the biceps are:

1. Tearing and overstretching of the bicep muscle fiber may result in pulled biceps.

2. Repeated use of the biceps can wear down the muscles and irritate the tendons. This result in a condition called tendonitis.

3. Severe stroke might result in a permanent contraction of the biceps.

Some steps for relieving the pain in the biceps are:

1. Use Ice Packs: Make sure to immediately apply an ice pack to the bicep after the strain is felt. Keep it on for about 15 minutes, and then repeat the process at least once every three hours.

2. Take medications: You should take some anti-inflammatory medications if the pain still persists. But make sure to strictly follow the dosage that your physician prescribes you.

3. Use compression cloths: You have to wrap your biceps with compression clothes. Take care to start wrapping from just below the bicep, above the elbow and then up to the top of the bicep.

4. Decrease movement: Try to give as much rest as possible to the arms. Movement slows down the recovery process.

5. Sleeping patterns: It is advisable to sleep only with the arm kept at a height over the rest of the body. In this regard, you can pile up two or three pillows next to your body to rest your arm over it.