STD Risk and Oral Sex

STD Risk and Oral Sex


By Dr. Duraisamy , Sexology

STIs stand for sexually transmitted infections. Oral sex is when the sexual organs of one partner are stimulated by the mouth of the other partner. There are many STIs which get transmitted due to oral sex. Here are the diseases which are most commonly transmitted through oral sex.

1. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection which can happen in the penis, vagina, anus and even the throat and the mouth. The symptoms of gonorrhea differ for men and women. For men, some symptoms of gonorrhea include painful or swollen testicles, a yellowish green or white discharge from the penis or even a burning sensation when urinating. For women, some symptoms include conjunctivitis, bleeding in between periods as well as swelling of the vulva as well as many more indications that show gonorrhea may have been contracted.

2. Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the treponema pallidum bacteria. In the early stages of syphilis, you get sores on your body which are usually small painful ulcers. These heal in about six weeks even without treatment. Secondary syphilis also gets resolved without treatments. The symptoms are usually rashes on the hands and in the genital areas while white patches develop on the mouth. Swollen lymph nodes, fever as well as weight loss are some other symptoms of secondary syphilis. Tertiary syphilis needs treatment and causes severe problems including blindness, deafness, paralysis or even death.

3. Genital herpes

Genital herpes is caused by either the herpes simplex virus-1 or herpes simplex virus-2. The most common symptom that you have herpes is when blisters appear on your body. These blisters tend to heal but not before producing raw, painful sores. Herpes can also cause flu-like symptoms with fever as well as swollen lymph nodes.

These are some of many other sexually transmitted diseases which may occur. The others include chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C as well as genital warts and pubic lice.