Foods You Need To Eat If You Want Thicker Hair!!

Foods You Need To Eat If You Want Thicker Hair!!


By Dr.Pummy VirmaniDietitian/Nutritionist

If you thought tending to your nails and hair were means to embellish your vanity, you were very wrong. The basic principle that escapes your grasp most often is the fact that any organ, any part of your body can not look good if it is not healthy within. Personal care is therefore an intrinsic constituent of general healthcare.

Hair and nails should always be kept clean as these body parts are directly exposed to the threats of germs and diseases. To make your hair and nails stronger and healthier, the following dietary tips can be followed:

  1. Make sure you consume protein in generous amounts- Abstinence from sources of protein is the major enemy of nail and hair strength. Protein strengthens weak nails and brittle hair. Both your hair and nails might go into the ‘resting phase’ which records little growth and more breakage when enough protein is not supplied to these parts. Protein promotes the production of keratin that again helps to solve problems related to your hair and nails.
  2. Mangoes, Apricots and other sources of Vitamin A should be eaten- The best kind of vitamin A from which your hair and nails are sure to benefit is provitamin A. This form of vitamin can be absorbed into the human body without much hassle. Fruits like mangoes, apricots, tomatoes and papayas can be eaten regularly to improve one’s vitamin A intake.
  3. Green beans and cashews can restore nail and hair health- Zinc deficiency could be a potent cause of weak hair and nails. To have strong hair and nails, zinc should be made available to your body through the consumption of natural products such as green beans and cashews. Zinc helps in the growth of connective tissues and can thus, treat fragility of hair and nails.
  4. Almonds can prove to be beneficial- Lack of magnesium can lead to the formation of vertical lines on your nails; almonds come to your rescue in this case. Magnesium also prevents excess hair fall. Having almonds regularly can help you have lustrous hair.