Sex During Pregnancy – 3 Little-Known Facts!!

Sex During Pregnancy – 3 Little-Known Facts!!


By MotherhoodGynaecology

Pregnancy can bring about major changes in a couple’s lives and lifestyle. Greater care needs to be taken even when it comes to regular activities. The Dos seems to reduce and the Don’ts seem to pile up. Many couples believe that sex during pregnancy is a big No. But sex can be had during pregnancy and it can be good for health as well. Here are a few things every couple should know about sex during pregnancy.

Increase in sensitivity

During pregnancy, the blood flow to the lower parts of the body increases substantially. This increase leads to an increase in sensitivity. The extra sensitivity could make the experience less than pleasurable for many women if there is not enough lubrication.


Having sex during pregnancy is not risky unless the mother-to-be develops some natal complications. Unless specified by the doctors, having sex at any time during pregnancy is safe for both mother and foetus.

Effect on the foetus

Many shy away from sex during pregnancy because they are scared that it can cause harm to the foetus. But the foetus is well protected at all times. The amniotic sac creates a barrier inside the uterus while the muscles of the uterus protect the foetus from any kind of impact. At the same time, it is always advised to take the opinion of a doctor before having sex during pregnancy.


The effects of pregnancy on the libido of the woman vary from person to person. For many women, pregnancy leads to a loss in sex drive while for others there is a hike in libido. The hormonal changes that take place in the body during pregnancy are not uniform. It is very normal if you start losing interest in sex or if you crave it more than usual.

Effect on partner

Even if the woman has high libido during pregnancy the same cannot be said for the man. For the father-to-be, the state of anxiety can reduce interest in sex, at the same time he might find his partner more attractive. There is no cause for anxiety when it comes to sex during pregnancy, except for in special circumstances, so there is no reason to shy away from it.

Always ask the doctor before having sex once you know that you are pregnant.