Measles – Causes and Symptoms!!

Measles – Causes and Symptoms!!

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By Dr. Vijay Kakkar , Dermatology

Measles is an airborne disease which is extremely contagious. The disease, if untreated, can prove to be fatal. There are many causes that can lead to measles.

Common Causes-

1. Virus:

This is the main reason for contracting the disease which affects the nose and throat of a child.

2. Sneezing and Coughs:

Measles, being a highly contagious disease can easily spread if the infected person coughs or sneezes. The infected droplets have the potential to remain potent and active for several hours and can affect other people.

3. Touching Infected Surfaces:

The disease can spread if a person touches an infected surface and puts the fingers in his/her mouth or rubs his/her eyes.

However, there are many symptoms that help to determine whether a person has been infected or not.

Common Symptoms-

1. Fever:

One of the most important symptoms of the disease is the onset of fever that remains for a long time. It is generally mild but is often accompanied with inflamed eyes and a sore throat.

2. Dry Cough:

The person who has been infected also suffers from frequent dry cough. This condition will persist till the disease has been treated. This condition is often accompanied with a running nose and sore throat.

3. Koplik’s Spots:

Sometimes, the infected person develops small white spots with white centers. This is generally found inside the mouth or the cheek of the infected person.

4. Rash:

Large blotches which merge into one another are considered as important symptom of measles. The rashes quickly spread down the arms and the thighs and persist till the disease has been cured.