Physiotherapy Tips For Menstrual Cramp Relief!!

Physiotherapy Tips For Menstrual Cramp Relief!!


By Dr. Vishwas Virmani , Physiotherapy

More than fifty percent of women complain about some pain in their lower abdomen or back throughout their life. This pain can be, either before or after the menstrual cycle. In medical terms it is known as dysmenorrhea.

The chief causes of periods cramps are- irregular periods, heavy flow, smoking, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, etc. Some of the ways to relieve period cramps are as follows:

1. Drink Plenty of Water:

Your hormone levels stay stable if your body is well hydrated so drinking plenty of water during menstruation is highly advised. It also helps in reducing the salt, sugar and starch level in your body as well as in eliminating bloating sensation.

2. Apply Some Heat:

Applying heat to your lower abdomen loosens up the stiff muscles and gives you relief from pain. Simply lying down and keep a heating pad at your lower abdomen for few minutes to relax your back muscles.

3. Have an Orgasm:

The uterus is more relaxed prior to an orgasm as the blood flow increases at the time of climax. Endorphins which are released at the time of orgasm help relieve the pain.

4. Consider Taking Pills:

Hormones present in birth control pills not only regulate your periods but also maintains the balance of hormones in your body. This results in reducing periods cramps.

5. Exercise:

Regular exercising is highly functional in reducing the level of stress. Gentle yoga postures and aerobic moves stretch your abdominal muscles and releases endorphins into your system. This reduces the level of pain.

6. Eat Healthy:

Add lots of green vegetables in your diet as they contain magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant. Fish, milk, yogurt and food rich in vitamin B work very well in reducing cramps. Avoiding fat and carbohydrate rich food is advisable.

When the pain increases, it may result in vomiting, loose stools, fever and severe pelvic pain. Using the above mentioned ways to reduce such pain will help.