Anti-Aging: Best Anti-Aging Treatments Options

Anti-Aging: Best Anti-Aging Treatments Options


By Dr. Shruti Kohli , Dermatology

You may have the urge for younger looking skin once you are in or have crossed your early 30’s but ageing is a natural process which will eventually catch you and everybody else in this world. Your skin will show the symptoms of ageing since it is a natural process. Many factors contribute to the ageing process and those include unhealthy lifestyle, stress factors in your personal life, over dependence on ready to eat junk foods, alcohol and smoking. The two major proteins that form the basis of skin to make them more supple and youthful are collagen and elastin. As you grow older, these proteins get depleted forming wrinkles, lines and deep furrows on your face, neck, forehead and the back of hands.

Anti-Aging Treatments-

There are many anti ageing treatments available which claim to make you look younger. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Botox- Botox can have an instantaneous effect on the wrinkles of your face. Botox is a beauty treatment which relaxes the muscles of your face and reduces the fine lines. You must note that when using Botox treatment, your muscle requires 10 days to relax and show results.
  2. Fillers- Your skin loses collagen and elastin as your age increases which lead to stiff, inelastic skin. Fillers like Restalyn and Juverdern fill the areas where your skin has lost volume. Fillers can be done on your lips, cheekbones, nasal labial folds and also at the back of your hands. Fillers are an expensive treatment and is considered a quick anti-aging treatment.
  3. IPL Photo facial- It is known as Intense pulsed Light, it can safely treat broken capillaries, brown pigmentation and other signs of ageing. IPL treatment is the best option for reducing brown spots from sun damage.

The results are immediate but you should consult doctor for costs and options associated with various anti ageing treatment.