5 Best And Worst Foods For Thyroid

5 Best And Worst Foods For Thyroid



By Dr. Anirban Biswas, Endocrinology

Do you know that your diet affects your thyroid gland? The thyroid is a very important gland in our body which performs several functions. It helps in the regulation of metabolism, body temperature, heartbeat and much more. The disruption in the working of the thyroid may upset several things in your body. An underactive thyroid may cause weight gain, depression, sluggishness, and increased cold sensitivity. On the other hand, an overactive thyroid may result in weight loss, sweating, irritability, nervousness and irregular heartbeat. There are several foods which are good for thyroid while some foods are very bad for it.

Best Foods For Thyroid-

  1. Seaweed is very good for your thyroid. It contains iodine in large amounts which are vital for the thyroid. Without sufficient iodine, you may face the risk of hypothyroidism or goitre.
  2. Yoghurt is another food which is beneficial for your thyroid. Yoghurt is also rich in iodine and should be consumed daily for maintaining healthy thyroid function.
  3. Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is beneficial for regulating thyroid hormones. If you consume enough selenium, you will be less prone to diseases such as goitres or thyroid tissue damage.
  4. Milk is rich in iodine and on consuming one cup of low-fat milk, you will get one-third of the daily iodine your require.

Worst Foods For Thyroid-

  1. You should avoid taking gluten, which is present in barley, wheat and rye, especially if you have got Celiac disease. Consuming food with a lot of gluten may increase the chances of thyroid problems. Follow a gluten-free diet for controlling the symptoms and protecting the thyroid gland.
  2. You should avoid having processed food items for your thyroid’s safety. You may think that processed foods are rich in iodine content, but actually iodized salts are rarely used by processed food manufacturers. Instead, these foods contain a lot of sodium, which makes your blood pressure shoot up, paving the way for several types of heart diseases.
  3. Fast food, quite similar to processed foods does not utilise iodized salts in the cooking process. Although iodized salts are used by some fast food manufacturers, the content of iodine is pretty low and it is not sufficient to satisfy the daily iodine you require.

Zinc is another nutrient which is important for your thyroid and it is required by the body for churning out TH. Insufficient zinc in your diet may cause hypothyroidism. Hence, you should consume foods such as chicken and beef for benefiting your thyroid.