Ayurveda and Genital Herpes

Ayurveda and Genital Herpes


By Dr. Himanshu Grover , Sexology

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that spreads primarily by the ‘Herpes Simplex’ virus; through unprotected sexual intercourse and sexual contact as well. The ‘Herpes Simplex’ virus can also pass from the mother to the child during pregnancy. This infection can significantly increase the chances of a premature delivery. It is a highly contagious disease that slowly destroys the immune system, making the concerned person prone to other serious diseases or medical conditions such as HIV or Chlamydia.

Herpes can be of two types: Oral Herpes and Genital Herpes.

The symptoms of Herpes include the appearance of severely itchy, little, reddish and painful bumps around the mouth, genitals, and the rectum.

According to Ayurveda, the cause of Genital herpes or any other disease for that matter is the imbalance of the ‘Doshas’ of the human body. This imbalance might occur as a result of irregular and unhealthy dietary habits, excessive alcohol consumption, recurrent episodes of sleeplessness and indigestion. These factors result in the impurity of the blood and pitta that induces the formation of sores around the skin. The Ayurvedic treatments aim to eliminate genital herpes by balancing the Doshas and purifying the Pittas.

The most effective Ayurvedic treatments for genital herpes are as follows:

  1. A prescribed application of a mixture of ‘kama dudha’ and cream on the affected spots might help in the complete elimination of oral herpes.
  2. Neem is highly effective in curing genital herpes. If you can apply a regulated dosage of Neem oil on the affected areas, it might stop the proliferation of the virus completely. Also, Neem is extremely beneficial in strengthening the immune system.
  3. Consuming ½ teaspoon of Triphala mixed with warm water before going to bed helps in the restoration of the Pitta and provides cure for oral herpes.
  4. Twice-a-day application of Aloe Vera gel extracted from the insides of the Aloe leaves on the concerned area for half an hour might help you to get rid of the sores.
  5. A cup of hot tea containing powders of Brahmi, chamomile or jatamamsi can provide an effective remedy for genital herpes.