Ayurveda Treatment Psychological Problems

Ayurveda Treatment Psychological Problems



By Dr. Pardeep Sharma, Ayurveda

Looking for Ayurveda Treatment Psychological Problems, you are at a right place. Sukhayu Ayurved is an institution where we provide the best treatment for psychological problems.

You are hearing something, but not important that you are listening that too!!

It might be easy to help you to hear, even there are certain problems with your ear by using some hearing-aid but how can you make some listen the same thing?

This is the difference between the physiological and psychological conditions what is the difference between hearing a listening.

Hearing is physical phenomena, where the ear drum beats because of the sound waves and these waves are analyzed by brain and we hear.

Listening is a phenomena, where you indulge with voices, with speaker and pay your attention to the person and you analyze it behind a voice. The thoughts what we perceive from the sounds is the phenomenon of listening.

So it depends on ears that you are hearing or not but it depends on YOU that you are hearing or not!

So the YOU, who listens, visualizes, understands is your Psycho. Which connects your Brain with your different senses and analyzes the things. This is “You” with in “You” who decides your behavior and your actions towards something. So these are the disorders which happens with you, where only you can reach, these diseases and disturbances are known as psychological disorders. If you need to name these one by one a big list will be there and to start the counting we are taking ten of these-

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Autism
  • ADHD

The list is so big to sum up. There are many things which are still not clear with psychological disorders in modern western medicinal system.

How can you declare someone a psychologically disturbed patient on behalf of just a questionnaire developed by some of the people around us?

These are the circumstances, these are the conditions which can change mind of any body, and he or she can behave like a different personality.

At Sukhayu Ayurved while doing the treatment for psychological diseases we are careful in treating a patient. Our approach is just simple and that is to “pull” somebody. We at Sukhayu are 100% against of using any kind of sedative drugs even herbs for treatment of any of these disorders.

Ayurveda says, to heal a person psychologically you need to wake him up, he is sleeping!!


Western medicines believe that you keep on giving the sedative drugs so person will keep on sleeping and will not wake up?

There is a difference in approach. We have different meanings of “smelling” and “sniffing” or “Hearing” and “listening” but we still need some basic developments in western and conventional system of medicines to find the differences between the mind and brain. They are lagging behind Ayurved in this field, a lot need to be done by them to understand the conditions related to the brain.

Ayurveda Treatment Psychological Problems

We provide Ayurveda Treatment Psychological Problems with three-dimensional approach-

  1. Ayurvedic Medicines
  2. Panchakarma and
  3. Yoga all together!!