Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: What is the connection?

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: What is the connection?

tNk5tAHBy Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jagpal, Sexology

About 35% to almost 75% of the diabetic men can suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in life. A diabetic man might suffer from erectile dysfunction almost 10 to 15 years before he/she has contracted the condition. More than 50% diabetic middle aged men are prone to erectile dysfunction, whereas almost 95% of diabetic men who are above 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction.


There are certain conditions which have to be met to get an erection – healthy blood vessels, healthy nerves, sexual stimulation, male hormones, and desire. Diabetes damages the blood vessels and the nerves responsible for an erection. Hence, even with the required amount of male hormones and the desire to have a sexual experience, you might suffer from erectile dysfunction.


If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to diabetes, you will get various oral medications to treat the condition. But if you are suffering from diabetes as well as a heart condition, it is recommended not to use any oral medicines as that would interfere with the functioning of your heart. There are certain other therapies which you might consider in this case:

1. Intra-cavernous injection therapy

2. Vacuum erection device

3. Penile prostheses

4. Venous constriction device

5. Sex therapy

6. Intra-urethral Therapy

To determine the best method, various factors like your health and your capacity to tolerate a particular treatment is assessed. The best way to select one, will be after having a discussion with your urologist and taking his help to determine which method will be the most appropriate one.