Rhinoplasty – What you can expect

Rhinoplasty – What you can expect


By Dr. Sasikumar Muthu,

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery


A nose job or a rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure which is done for both medical and cosmetic reasons. It can be done to improve normal functioning like breathing and olfactory functions. It may also be done to enhance the appearance or to correct defects caused by injury, disease or birth defects.People should not undergo rhinoplasty till the nose has stopped growing, which happens at about the age of 17. The basic skeletal framework of the nose cannot be altered but flaws in the structure can be fixed.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made on the inside of the nasal cavity and the soft tissue is separated from the skin. The tissues are re-shaped and the excess tissue is removed. The incisions are then stitched and a supportive tube is inserted so that the corrected tissues are not displaced till they are healed.

Post-surgical Care and Recovery

1. There may be slight swelling and fluid discharge for a few days after the operation. The swelling might make the nose look distorted, so the results of the surgery can be seen only after the nose heals completely.

2. Pain medication is prescribed and if taken correctly, there is hardly any healing pain.

3. There is a small splint attached to the nose to help it heal correctly and some packing under the nose to soak the blood, in case there is minor bleeding.

4. There may be slight breathing difficulties till the stitches and splint are removed.

5. Glasses cannot be worn for a few weeks till the new nose is perfectly set and the tubes and splint are removed.

6. The head is to be kept higher than the body while lying down for a few weeks.

7. The speaking voice may sound nasal for a few months after the operation.