Female Condoms: Effectiveness and Risks

Female Condoms: Effectiveness and Risks


By Dr. M.S Ambekar, Sexology

With the upsurge of unwanted pregnancy, the use of precautions has become imperative and widespread. In order to counter these, both the partners should take equal precautions. Though condoms have been long used by men, female condoms are a recent phenomenon. Primarily a pouch made up of polyurethane or latex, they fit easily inside the vagina and are very convenient to use. Like their male counterparts, they come with a similar baggage of advantages and risks.

Benefits of Female Condoms-

Some of the major benefits of female condoms are-

1. Extremely effective means of birth control:

Research has shown that regular and careful use of condoms by women is extremely effective. In fact if women use them every time they indulge in sexual intercourse, only five out 100 women would bear the risk of becoming pregnant.

2. Reduces chances of sexually transmitted diseases:

The use of condoms by women drastically reduces the chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases by both the parties. By using condoms, women place themselves in a safer position as they are no longer exposed to their partner’s fluid secretions.

Female Condom Risks-

However, at the same time they carry some risks. Some of them are:

1. The condom may break:

Though female condoms are excellent preventive measures, they do not ensure complete efficiency. Chances of your condom breaking in the process or being already broken are very high. In such cases, the use of it becomes redundant.

2. It may slip:

Though female condoms fit in perfectly inside the vagina and are indeed convenient to use, you cannot disregard the fact that there is always a chance of it slipping out. In such cases, you are exposed to all the risks you were trying to avert in the first place.