Life Threatening Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery

Life Threatening Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery


By Dr. Nalini Gupta, IVF Speciality

During pregnancy, the body of a woman undergoes a host of changes that entail numerable complications. Though some of these complications do subside on their own, few can be life-threatening.

Some of Life Threatening Complications in Pregnancy and Childbirth are-

1. Bleeding: This is one of the most common and lethal complications that women undergo during pregnancy. Different women undergo bleeding for different reasons at various phases in pregnancy. The condition becomes serious if the bleeding is accompanied by excruciating abdominal pain and a sense of nausea in the first trimester which might be indications of ectopic pregnancy. If the same condition occurs in the second trimester with cramps, it may indicate miscarriage. By the third trimester the situation would mean that placenta has separated itself from the uterine wall due to lack of oxygen.

2. Acute Sense of Nausea and Tendencies of Vomiting: Pregnant women generally suffer from tendencies of nausea and vomiting. Though it is an extremely common condition, if it does get severe then certainly visiting a doctor can be the best option.

3. Early Labor: Though the doctor always provides a tentative time for labor, there is always a chance and a risk of an early labor. Increased vaginal discharge and back pain are common symptoms of this condition. Though medications are available to stop the labor, it is a huge risk for further childbirths.

4. Infection in the Urinary Tract: Sometimes during pregnancy, an infection in the urinary infection is a high possibility as well as a huge risk. This condition requires immediate attention, the lack of which may cause the infection to spread till the kidneys affecting and at times damaging them badly.