Sexual Activity & Cardiovascular Disease

Sexual Activity & Cardiovascular Disease


By Dr. A. K Jain, Sexology

The word “Heart Disease” has the power to strike anyone whoever hears it for the first time. Though getting affected by heart disease, you can still lead a normal life. Let’s discuss in detail about the terms, causes and remedies associated with this disease in detail.

Heart Disease

It is a generic term that is used to mention different condition. These conditions include few normal conditions that could be easily treated or prevented. This happens only through a habit or lifestyle and is prevented mostly through awareness and modification.

Though we can say that it is prevented or treated, but still if ignored may lead to serious effects and it is a life threatening disease which may lead to heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, angina pectoris, congestive heart failure and ischemia. Out of these all, coronary heart disease is common.

Numbers of men suffer due to heart disease every year. The present generation focuses only on enjoying

life and this result in maximum intake of junk food, alcohol, late night movies and drugs. These habits leads to sickness and along with this you are indirectly welcoming heart disease that leads to the sickness called erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is the body’s inability to maintain or achieve the erection level that is satisfactory for sex. Sex experts and doctors believe that erectile dysfunction increases the chance of acquiring heart disease. Today we could notice that men of all ages are affected by erectile dysfunction and so they are highly vulnerable for cardiovascular disease. This may lead to heart attack or stroke in a short period of time after ED is diagnosed


The right treatments for the sexual disorders are the herbal treatments. The herbal medicines works well inside the body especially the penile tissue. The very important thing here is that to retrieve the erections back and enjoy the life back. Herbs are good at bringing the sexual life back with natural cure.