Varicose Veins – Laser Treatment Option For It!

Varicose Veins – Laser Treatment Option For It!


By Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor’s, General Surgery

Laser treatment has come about only in the last few years, Under supervised conditions, it is the most effective approach. Modern technology has also ensured that it extremely safe as well. Some surgeries can be done manually but there are a few where the best way or only way to go about it is laser treatment.

With high success rates recorded, it is a recommended approach to treat varicose veins too. It is a condition in the veins that can be treated. It can happen to any person due to hereditary, old age, pregnancy, trauma, or even staying seated for long hours. It is important to know about the condition before getting the treatment.

What are Varicose Veins?
This condition leaves enlarged veins that appear swollen on the surface of the skin. It is clearly visible on the surface and mostly happens on the legs. Other parts of the body may also encounter this condition. It causes pain, sores, and blood clots.

The veins allow blood to flow only toward the heart and so the flow is allowed only in one direction. However, when the vein gets damaged or weakened, the blood pools back down. This causes the swelling and the discomfort that comes along with it.

Laser Treatment
Certified doctors are allowed to treat this condition with Endovenous laser treatment. It is a noninvasive technique that is highly safe showing positive results of recovery. The treatment does not involve a lot of pain either.

Treatment Specifications
The treatment in itself is straightforward.The treatment is done with the guidance of an imaging process. The doctor is also accompanied by a radiologist. The doctor injects a small laser thin fiber through a needle into the vein that is damaged. The length of the vein is made numb with heat throughout the process. The varicose vein now closes due to the pressure of the laser heat. Once the vein closes, the blood flows normally through the remaining veins.

The patient will be very comfortable throughout the process. It is a constantly monitored procedure that has proven to a successful method to treat varicose veins. The patients can even go on with their normal life once the procedure is done.

After The Surgery

  1. The procedure is carried out in just one sitting.
  2. Compression stockings have to be worn after surgery.
  3. For first few days, walking is allowed but prolong standing and other activities need to be avoided for few days.