Causes And Prevention Of Obesity in Children

Causes And Prevention Of Obesity in Children


Dr. I. P. S. Kochar, Pediatrics

Obesity is a condition characterised by accumulation of excess body fat that leads to various health complications. A person’s BMI more than 27 in adult is equivalent to obese and BMI more than 23 in adult is equivalent to overweight.

Causes of Obesity-

Obesity in children has the potential to cause major health complications.

The causes of obesity in children are-

1. Lack of Physical Activity: Lack of physical activity such as sports and games may lead to obesity in children.

2. Poor Diet: Following a diet on a regular basis that mainly comprises of junk food, can make a child obese.

3. Role of Genetics: Genetics play a role in obesity as well as specific genes may make a child more susceptible to obesity.

Major Health Complications-

Here are major health complications which may result from obesity-

1. Liver Disorders: Deposits of fat may lead to complications in the liver.

2. Respiratory Disorders: Obesity in children may also result in breathing complications in children.

3. Type-2 Diabetes: Obesity may lead to Type-2 diabetes in children.

4. Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea may result from obesity which leads to breathing problems during sleep.

5. Eating Disorders: Obesity in children may result in eating disorders such as binge eating or anorexia.

6. Heart Disease: Obese children are more prone to various heart diseases and orthopaedic diseases than obese adults.

How to Prevent Obesity in Children?

1. Your child should follow a proper diet that consists of vegetables and fruits and restrict junk food.

2. Your child needs to be physically active and participate in sports to prevent obesity.