Prevent Split Ends in Winter with Ayurveda!

Prevent Split Ends in Winter with Ayurveda!


By Dr. Jiva Ayurveda, Ayurveda

Split ends are very common in women, especially during the cold months. When you brush, dye, curl with hot tools or blow dry hair, the cuticle (black shinny external cover on the hair strand) becomes damaged and with time and splits, the damage extends throughout the entire hair strand.

Root Cause of Split Ends 
Imbalance of Vata dosha is the core cause of split ends according to Ayurveda. Chemicals that are used in highlights and hair dyes have chemicals which increase Vata dosha. Air pollution is also a reason which misbalances Vata dosha. Stress leads to hormonal imbalance and affects growth and beauty of hair. Exposure to the sun for very long durations is damaging to hair. Wrong brushing techniques also stresses the hair cuticle. The human hair grows at a rate of half inch every month. Hair needs maintenance and not trimming it timely also leads to split end problems.

Effective Remedies 
Some say that the closest cure to split ends is a pair of scissors and that is not far from the truth. The split end cannot be cured, it can, however, be prevented and treated.

Here are some simple remedies to prevent splitting ends and keep your hair strong and shinny this winter.

1. Alma, Neem & Turmeric Paste: 

  • Take a handful of fresh Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Neem Leaves and one-inch fresh turmeric tuber. (If you cannot find fresh turmeric, 1 spoon turmeric powder will also do.)
  • Make a fine paste of these three ingredients and apply on hair for 45-60 minutes.
  • Wash away with Jiva Neem Shampoo. This will also help in balancing Vata Dosha in the hair and give relief in split hair condition and dandruff.

2. Olive Oil, Cinnamon & Honey: 

  • Make a mixture of these three ingredients and apply on hair before taking a bath.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with Jiva Black Pearl or Jiva Almond Shampoo.

3. Jiva Sattva Hair Care Pack:

Split hair is observed more in thin hair. Jiva Sattva Hair Care Pack contains the goodness of herbs that ensure strong, lustrous and thick hair by acting both internally and externally. The pack contains herbal teas, oils and tablets which promote Dosha balance and prevents undesirable hair problems.

4. Healthy Kidney & Scalp:

  • Many hair problems are connected with proper functioning of the kidneys. Keep your kidney healthy.
  • Drink a lot of water and do mild exercises regularly to promote good blood circulation to the kidneys as well as to the scalp of your head.

5. Beat Stress: Stress, as we mentioned earlier, leads to hormonal imbalances and has been connected with greying hair, hair loss and other general problems of the skin and hair. Beat stress, practice stress-relieving yoga and pranayama.