Ayurveda and Weight Loss!

Ayurveda and Weight Loss!


By Dr. Hiren Raval, Ayurveda

Weight loss is the most common concern in the present day and not only for the reason of looking good. People these days are realizing how important being healthy is. We are constantly being presented or bombarded with information and advice on the best diet or the best exercise regime to follow which causes confusion on what exactly to follow for healthy weight loss to occur. So, here is an age old system that has proven beneficial to a lot of people; yes it is Ayurveda.

The very concept of Ayurveda is to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul through natural methods. Ayurveda is the science of life with origins in Northern India. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine which has achieved scientific backing for most of the methods.

Contribution of Ayurveda in Weight Loss
Ayurveda definitely helps with weight loss and many other health issues. These techniques involve determining the root of the issue and treating it, thereby bringing a permanent solution to the various health problems. There are a variety of underlying principles for every problem with all the health issues being classified under the various body types. Hence, Ayurveda has no universal solution and treatments differ from individual to individual. There are several Ayurvedic methods for weight loss, however they aren’t quick, but are comprehensive and effective weight loss methods.

Things to do when following Ayurvedic weightloss methods
Here are some suggestions for maintaining the Ayurvedic weightloss techniques with efficiency.

  • One should sleep and wake up early i.e. sleep between 10-11 pm and wake up by 05 to 06 am. This is because our body functions best with the natural cycle.
  • One should have three major meals every day without eating or snacking too much between meals.
  • The diet should contain only natural foods.
  • Water is essential and drinking lots it is advisable, however, drinking water immediately after a meal is not good for overall health. Intake of warm water throughout the day would help in weight loss.

Ayurvedic Techniques for Weight Loss
A few common tips for weight loss universal to all body types are discussed below-

  • Lemon and honey- consuming a glass of warm water with some lemon and honey in it, is one of the most common remedies for weight loss.
  • Pepper powder- Adding pepper powder to the above solution makes it even more effective.
  • Digestive aids- one of the most important reasons of weight gain is improper digestion.
  • Spicy foods – Limiting or reducing the intake of spicy foods
  • Fasting once a week to detoxify the body
  • Consuming fresh ginger with or without honey.

These are just a few Ayurvedic remedies, although there are many more.