6 Fabulous Yoga Poses to Increase Your Libido

6 Fabulous Yoga Poses to Increase Your Libido


By Dr. Viniita Jhuntrraa, Sexology

The aim of making love should not be a hurried climax; restraining your energies to discovering your partner and yourself leads to utmost satisfaction. Yoga can be of immense help in this pursuit.

Some yoga poses that can result in better sex:-

1. Try the Downward Doggy Yoga- Part your legs according to the width of your hip and stoop downwards to place the widely spread palms on a yoga mat. You can now have a direct look at your hip and groin region. This yoga makes you feel composed by energizing your sex hormones.

2. Contraction and Expansion- This is the most simple and useful kind of yoga. Contracting and expanding the pelvic area ten times at a stretch can result in increased blood flow in that region. It is therefore good for better vitality.

3. Be a Bridge for Better Sex- Your back should be held above the ground level in an arch. On one end, it rests on your shoulder blades and head and on the other it rests on your feet. The knees are folded at right angles. This yoga improves vaginal elasticity and cures muscle tensions in the hip area.

4. Be an Eagle to Enjoy Sex- Exercising in this posture helps to hold your body in balance. It is, as if, a human body is positioned on a fulcrum. You are required to stand on the right foot with your left leg crossed. The left foot will not be visible; your hands should intersect in a single line as well while the palms are joined above your head. This diverts your mind from anxieties helping it to focus and also enhances blood flow in the cervix.

5. Have the Flexibility of a Pigeon- Stretch out the right leg while folding the left one. You are now required to bend your torso over the folded left leg placing your bowed head on your joined hands. It works on your skills of seducing your partner.

6. Try the Cat or Cow Yoga Pose- Uphold your body on your palms and your knees. Your hands and thighs run parallel in this posture. This yoga can lead to full body orgasms.