4 Major Sex Myths Debunked

4 Major Sex Myths Debunked


By Dr. Sharath Kumar C , Sexology

There are a lot of myths that revolve around sex and which most people, unfortunately believe to be true. However, these myths need to be debunked to make people aware about the factual aspects of sex.

Here are a few sex myths debunked:

#1Myth: You cannot get pregnant if you have sex during periods

Fact: This is untrue as even though the chances are slim, you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during periods. The sperm might live on for six or more days within your body and fertilize the egg during the next ovulation period.

#2Myth: Douching (washing the vagina with a squirt of water, vinegar or soda) after sex reduces chances of pregnancy

Fact: Having unprotected sex is likely to make you pregnant even if you douche the vagina after the intercourse. Douching the vagina with vinegar, soda etc only increases the chances of an infection.

#3Myth: You can’t get STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) from oral sex

Fact: Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis B, herpes, HPV, can all be spread through oral sex. However, there is a very slim chance of contracting HIV from oral sex. Thus, to prevent STDs, you should invest in male and female condoms. Even if you are indulging in oral sex, it’s better to be safe and invest in dental dams which act as contraceptives and reduce chances of STDs that spread through oral sex.

#4Myth: You will know if your partner contracts STD

Fact: Most people are aware when they contract a STD judging by the symptoms. However, there are some STDs which aren’t very serious and don’t have evident symptoms, but can be passed on through oral or anal sex. If not detected and treated in time, these STDs can turn into serious infections later.