Ayurvedic Remedies For Whooping Cough

Ayurvedic Remedies For Whooping Cough


By Dr. Mayur Surana, Ayurveda

What is Whooping Cough?

Also known as pertussis, whooping cough is a viral infection of the respiratory tract that affects the nose and throat. It is a highly infectious disease that spreads very fast. Vaccines like DTaP and Tdap are available to prevent this disease in children and adults.

What are the symptoms of whooping cough?

The initial symptoms of whooping cough resemble common cold. The symptoms associated with whooping cough are-

  1. Sneezing
  2. Mild Cough
  3. Runny nose
  4. Moderate fever (102F)
  5. Diarrhoea in the initial days
  6. Nasal congestion

About a week after the infection, coughing spells may be noticed which give out a “whooping” sound at the end of it. This is noticed when the patient is trying to breathe in.

The cough is dry and does not produce mucous. These coughing spells might last till about a minute and can briefly turn your face red or purple due to excessive coughing. Sometimes, in infants, the whooping sound will not be noticed and instead they are seen to gasp for air.

The whooping spells of cough are noticed in most people, but not every person gets this characteristic symptom.

How to treat whooping cough with Ayurveda?

Whooping cough can be treated at home with easily available natural ingredients like ginger, honey, fenugreek seeds, honey etc. Here are the remedies that can cure whooping cough and give you relief:

  1. INGREDIENTS: Fenugreek seeds, honey and ginger.
    • 250 ml water
    • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds are added
    • Water is boiled till it is reduced to half
    • Mixture is strained
    • 1 tsp of ginger and 1 tsp of honey is added
    • Mix it thoroughly
    • Drink this lukewarm
  2. INGREDIENTS: Garlic
    • Crush and make a paste out of a few pieces of garlic
    • Garlic has anti-bacterial properties
    • Extract the juice by pressing it on a sieve
    • 1 tsp of this extract should be taken thrice a day

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