Cataracts – What Causes It, Know About Its Symptoms & Treatment!

Cataracts – What Causes It, Know About Its Symptoms & Treatment!


By Dr. Sunita Lulla Gur, Ophthalmology

A person with a limited view on the future is usually said to be quite myopic! However, myopia is a serious problem and it is crucial that this is found early. The risks can be higher when it comes to children!

It may come as a surprise to some but many children have myopia which progressively gets worse over the course of their years growing up. The easy remedy for near-sightedness or myopia is spectacles which correct eyesight to its normal level.

While it is unfortunate that children do have worsening eyesight, the good thing is that once a child enters adulthood, the eyesight usually stabilises. As to the cause of myopia, it is the lengthening of the eyeball. This causes images to be formed in the eye in front of the retina instead of the surface. The retina can be thought of as a projection screen on which all that is seen is projected so that the brain can interpret it.

Because of this happening, a person who suffers from myopia has a tendency to see objects which are located far away in a blurry manner. While the blame of myopia is placed on the habits of the child such as watching an excessive amount of television or not maintaining proper distance from a book being read, more than anything else, the cause is mostly due to genetics. However, the habits which have been mentioned can also have quite a large part to play.

One of the issues it comes while detecting myopia in children is that most children, especially the very young ones, do not complain about having bad eyesight. Another habit of children suffering from myopia is that they have a tendency to move closer to objects which they are not able to see clearly. Parents should keep an eye out for this sort of behaviour. If a child is seen to be behaving in this manner, he or she should be taken for an eye check up at the earliest.

In addition to this, regular visits to an ophthalmologist every six months up till three years of age and prior to starting the first grade of school. There is a massive risk when it comes to not detecting myopia early as it can get worse, and the strain put on the eye is the main contributor to this.

In order to treat this problem, the child will be required to wear spectacles. Contact lenses can also be used but only when the child is old enough to handle them.