Hair Transplant Procedures!

Hair Transplant Procedures!


By Dr. Pk Talwar, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Hair transplant is a surgery that results in covering areas of the head that have little or no hair. It generally gives you a more youthful look by addressing thinning of your hair or balding conditions. Hair transplantation, being one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries on men, will help you gain more confidence and achieve completely natural results that last for a lifetime.

How is it performed? 

The steps involved in hair transplantation are as follows: 

Prior to the surgery, hair follicles that are typically resistant to hair fall are chosen for performing the surgery. This could either be from your head, or from that of other donor areas e.g neck, chest, back etc. The hair that is to be removed in the donor area is trimmed. The area where the surgery will be performed is first anesthetized. Multiple punches /holes are created in bald area to accommodate new transplanted grafts.

The doctor then removes the bald resistant hair follicle tissues from the donor’s head with help of motorised burrs of different diameters. Each graft may contain 1,2 3 or 4 hair follicles. This technique is called follicular unit extraction. The doctor usually performs tiny incisions in irregular patterns, in which the hair grafts are placed.

Typically, the smallest follicular units are placed on the frontal region, followed by denser ones at the back. Soon after surgery, the patient will have hundreds of incisions with stubble hair growing from them, which might be accompanied by temporary redness of the skin.


Post surgery, you will be advised to wear bandages for a day or two. The doctor will prescribe anti- inflammatory and antibiotic drugs for a couple of days. Within a few weeks, the transplanted hair falls out, followed by natural growth of hair in a few months.