How Women REALLY Feel About Penis Size?

How Women REALLY Feel About Penis Size?


By Dr. Jolly Arora, Sexology

They say that male pride is directly proportional to the size of their penises. Coincidentally, a whole horde of products dedicated to increasing the penis size abound the markets these days. Where the mantra is bigger is better, it hardly comes as a surprise that both partners substantively mull over the right size.

According to common perception, in heterosexual intercourses, the female partners manifest an affinity for lengthier penises and consequently, men always desire larger penises for themselves. Although, in absolute terms, these statistics might not be indubitable but like most stereotypes, these can’t be completely discounted either. Another raging perception is about the influence that ethnicity has on penis size.

Various surveys conducted across the world reveal interesting facts about the importance that penis sizes actually hold to women. The National Academy of Sciences conducted a computer generated survey in order to estimate the degree of attractiveness of a particular penis size to women in relation to other factors like torso shape and height. The survey suggested that although there was a marked preference by the women for above average penis sizes, torso shape appealed to women way more than any other determinants. Some also contend that larger penises work as an indication of good health and vigor. However, what must be noted that there is no statistics that can objectively affirm that larger penises guarantee greater pleasure in bed. Attractiveness and performance feature as two clear markers in this regard.

Much of the hypothetical speculation about penis size often correlates the length with virility. However, most women vouch for the ‘right’ size instead of an explicitly big penis. There has also been a clear negation of the notion that larger penises are crucial for ensuring greater compatibility. Such figures go a long way in mollifying the male insecurities that otherwise emerge from notions around penis size.