Sex Life – Herbs To Improve It!

Sex Life – Herbs To Improve It!


By Dr. Mohtra, Sexology

Emotional turmoil, age, and health certainly affect your physical relationship with your partner. Discussing your problems with a doctor and finding a remedy is always the best option, but in recent times, there has been a change in this outlook. Especially in the Western world, people are taking an interest in alternative medicines to enhance sexual pleasure and libido. Herbs and plants have become very popular because of their effectiveness and lack of side effects.

Some herbs and plants that help to enhance your sex life are:

1) Ginsberg: Researchers claim that this herb is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. It also helps to heighten libido and increase arousal in women who have undergone menopause.

2) Maca: Its high nutritional value helps to enhance sexual performance and increases fertility. It also acts an antidepressant, helping people who suffer from sexual problems born out of isolation and depression.

3) Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is known to improve concentration and oxygen utilization in the body, but it also treats sexual dysfunction. It increases flow of blood and has a relaxing effect on muscles, making it ideal for women who face problems with bodily sexual responses.

4) Tribulus Terrestris: Commonly known as the puncture vine, various parts of this plant are used as medicine. Studies show that doses of this have resulted in an increase of sexual desire, lubrication, orgasm and lessening of pain during intercourse in women.

5) Kava: This herb has a stress reducing quality and is ideal to treat sexual problems stemming from anxiety and stress. While it works for sexual dysfunction caused due to mental problems, it is not effective in curing erectile dysfunction.