How Drugs Affect Your Sex Life?

How Drugs Affect Your Sex Life?


By Dr. Shyam Mithiya, Sexology

Drugs and promiscuity are often associated with each other. From alcohol and hash to cocaine, LSD, acid, meth etc; human beings have incorporated all kind of drugs into their sexual experiences. One of the things to note is that each drug affects an individual in a different way. While some can heighten short-term pleasure others can change the mood completely. What’s common between all of these drugs is that their prolonged and repeated use will have very adverse effects on your health. Getting addicted to drugs is easy and many people do not realize how it began. So that you don’t need to experiment to find out their effects, here’s a quick look at how different kinds of drugs can affect your sex life.

Countless people have used alcohol to initiate sex. It isn’t that alcohol makes sex more enjoyable. It simply lowers inhibitions. Consuming alcohol in a limited amount makes it easier for most people to talk about their desires and get aroused. Alcohol can also make a normally cautious person indulge in unprotected sex. In higher quantities, it can cause erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and dulled sensations.

Weed and Hash
These are the second most common mind altering substances used by people. For some people, these drugs act as aphrodisiacs. These drugs heighten the amygdala’s reactions to sexual stimuli and arouse the user. For others, it causes a loss of interest in sex. However, the former is typically more commonly seen. Long-term use of these drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Cocaine and other such amphetamines are considered hard narcotics with aphrodisiac properties. Amphetamines increase the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine being produced in the brain. This makes the person feel energized. Cocaine also increases blood pressure and heart rate which in turn enhance physical sensitivity. At the same time, it can delay orgasms and make sex last longer. This effect can last for up to an hour and is usually followed by a downer. Long term usage can lead to erectile issues and an inability to enjoy sex without drugs.

Mushrooms and LSD are the most commonly used hallucinogenic drugs. The effect of these drugs depends largely on the individual and his or her current state of mind. Each drug affects different receptors in the brain causing increased rash decisions and risky behavior. For some people, this can make their body seem immobilized while for others this can cause a temporary euphoric sensation.

In short, drugs do not affect everyone in the same way but they do harm your health ultimately. Thus, while it may seem exciting to introduce a drug to your sexual experience this is better left alone.