Tips for Preventing Split Ends

Tips for Preventing Split Ends


By Dr. Jyoti Gupta, Ayurveda

A split end is a condition when the end of your hair splits. This is a very common phenomenon and ignored by many people. However, for those who chose to not ignore it, there are steps which can be taken and the first is to be informed about them. Here are the causes and how to prevent split ends.


1. Too Much Brushing

Too much brushing is the biggest cause of split ends. Back combing is also a cause. This is because too much brushing or backcombing disrupts the epidermis. However, brushing when the hair is wet is the biggest cause as wet hair stretches up to 25 per cent.

2. Coloring Hair

Coloring hair is yet another cause of split ends. It is crucial that you use hair health products if you color your hair often.

3. Heating the Hair

Blow dryers used to dry the hair or flat irons used to strengthen the hair are two of the reasons why hair often splits at the ends. Use these devices as little as possible.

4. Rubber Bands

This is also a cause of split ends and damage to the hair. Coupled with rubber bands are many other hair accessories which may cause damage to your hair.


1. Diet

Taking the right diet which is high in fats is one of the ways to prevent split ends. Take healthy fats as well such as olive oil and fish oil rather than unhealthy fats. These fats are not only good for your hair health but also for your overall health.

2. Avoid It

Try to avoid brushing your hair too much. Back brushing, coloring or blow drying your hair can also pose serious risk of split ends and subsequent hair damage.