Suvarnaprashana – An Ayurveda Immune Schedule!

Suvarnaprashana – An Ayurveda Immune Schedule!


By Dr. Soonrita Taneja, Ayurveda

Is your child suffering from recurrent cough, cold, fever. Your child doesn’t eat junk food still he suffers from weakened immunity.You are very particular for health of your family but still feel the kids get every infection very fast.

Suvarnaprashana is the reply to all these questions. Suvarnaprashana is one of the important rituals described in Ayurveda for children.The suvarna bhasma is administered with medicated ghee(prepared with herbal medicines) or other herbal medicines in liquid or semi liquid form once in nearly a month on the auspicious day of pushya nakshatra or daily early morning.

Benefits of suvarnaprashana

  • It increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very oftenly. It builds physical strength in children and enhances physical activities and also improves stamina for the same.
  • Regular doses of suvarnaprashana improves child’s intellect.
  • It increases sharpness, analysis power, memory recalling in a unique manner.
  • It improves child’s appetite.It improves digestion and decreases related complaints.
  • It helps to build overall defense mechanism of the child and gives a safety shield.The child is protected from problems due to season changes.
  • It protects children from teething troubles.
  • It gives speech clarity to the child.
  • It tones up the skin color as well.

  1. 27th Febraury- Tuesday(27thFeb-6am to 28th Feb-3.51am)
  2. 27thMarch-Tuesday(26th March-12.55pm-27thMarch-11.28am)
  3. 23rdApril-Monday(22ndApril-06.18pm to 23rd April-5.03pm)
  4. 20thMay-Sunday(20th May-12.25am to 20th May-10.45pm)
  5. 16thJune-Saturday(16thJune-8.43am to 17thJune-06.20am)
  6. 14thJuly-Saturday(13thJuly-06.58pm to 14thJuly 04.07pm)
  7. 10thAug-Friday(10th Aug-05.44am to 11th Aug-02.54am)
  8. 06th Sep-Thursday(6th Sep-3.14pm to 7thSept-12.56pm)
  9. 04th Oct-Thursday(3rd Oct-10.24pm to 4th Oct-08.49pm)
  10. 31st Oct-Wednesday(31st Oct-3.51am to 01st Nov-02.34am)
  11. 28th Nov-Wednesday(27th Nov-09.50am to 28th Nov-08.09am)
  12. 25th Dec-Tuesday(24th Dec-06.22pm to 25th Dec-03.55pm)