Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction!

Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction!


By Dr. Sudhakar Petkar, Sexology

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in which the penis is unable to stay erect during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes mistakenly regarded as a lack of sexual arousal. The causes are generally cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological problems and sometimes drug addiction.

Erectile dysfunction can have hazardous effects on your mental frame and can be treated by placebo therapy in such cases. It gives a low self-esteem and ego, which leads to depression and sometimes suicidal tendencies.

The effects of erectile dysfunction on emotional health are:

  1. Men who suffer from ED become introverts and don’t talk much because they might be scared that their truth might pop out and people will make fun of them.
  2. They have performance anxiety issues which lead to depression.
  3. They tend to be emotionally distant.
  4. Since they become distant and stop interacting with people, they find it difficult to talk to their partners as well, so this can be a huge blow to their relationships which leads to separation and then further depression.
  5. Since for men, sexual performance uses a lot of their mental energy so it can result in a huge drop in their self-esteem and ego.

Hence, it is important to treat Erectile Dysfunction by going to a certified medical professional and also by leading a healthy life by engaging in regular exercising, losing weight, quitting smoking and alcohol consumption. Regular yoga and pranayama and exercise play a very important role to overcome the situation of the erectile dysfunction.