Ayurvedic Treatment To Correct Penis Curvature

Ayurvedic Treatment To Correct Penis Curvature


By Dr. Gokulan Bg, Ayurveda

Penis curvature is a significant normal condition and numerous men get themselves exceptionally worried about it. It can bring about a considerable measure of misery and pain in men if the curvature is past typical breaking points. By and large, an erect penis twists marginally to the other side and is a significant typical thing. In any case, when the penis curvature is excessively professed and causes pain while having an erection or sexual intercourse, it would require rectification. There are numerous procedures that can treat penis curvature. One needs to tail them appropriately and under direction. Given here are a portion of the famously utilized approaches to treat penis curvature.

Practice Helps To Correct Penis Curvature: These are special exercises that can redress penis curvature normally. One of the famously utilized exercises is known as Jelqing. These exercises show you to extend the penis especially, applying more push in specific regions. In the event that you have a minor or direct penis curvature, these special exercises can redress it inside two months, if you do the exercises legitimately and routinely.

Home Grown Oil Massage: The best common treatment for redressing slight to direct penis curvature is the utilization of home-grown kneading oils. Oils like Balashwagandhadi Dhanwanthaam jeevanthyadi yamakam or pig fat oil etc. may be used for gentle massage. Numerous such oils are accessible in the market including chamomile, lavender oil, and so forth. Rub consistently utilizing any home grown oil, or get a special one like Mast Mood Oil. This can minimize the penis curvature to a significant degree. In any case, rub with only a little weight as you may hurt the penis generally. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda and ask a free question.