Monsoon: 8 Common Diseases

Monsoon: 8 Common Diseases


By, Dr. Prakhar Singh, General Physician

Seasonal diseases are always a cause for concern, but they spike especially during the monsoons; which more often than not, claim lives simply because we underestimate their effects.

Here are 8 diseases which are always a threat during monsoons:

1. Malaria

Malaria is the most common disease during the rains. Female anopheles mosquitoes breed in stagnant water causing malaria. Common symptoms include persistent fever and weakness. Don’t let water stagnate to prevent yourself and your family from malaria.

2. Dengue

Dengue is another common malady. In recent times, the rate of dengue has increased dangerously in monsoons. Tiger mosquito causes this particular disease. Symptoms include body aches and rash.

3. Chikungunya

An abrupt onset of fever followed by joint pain is the symptom of this disease. Chikungunya is caused by the bite of Aedes albopictus mosquito.

4. Typhoid

Typhoid is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi. Symptoms include soreness of throat and headache. Avoid consumption of street-side beverages and cut fruits to stay away from this disease.

5. Viral Fevers

While a viral fever is a common concern throughout the year, the probability of contracting one is especially high during monsoon.

6. Cholera

Severe diarrhea, followed by loose motion is the symptom of this disease. Maintaining proper sanitation, hygiene and drinking clean water can be the ways to prevent this disease.

7. Jaundice

With yellow urine and liver dysfunction being the symptoms, jaundice is one of the most common monsoon diseases. Drinking boiled water is a major way to avoid contracting the disease during monsoons.

8. Stomach Infections

Gastroenteritis is a common example of stomach infections. Avoid this by not consuming roadside food or beverages during monsoons.