Itching Sensation in the Throat: Choose Homeopathic Treatment Over Others

Itching Sensation in the Throat: Choose Homeopathic Treatment Over Others


By Dr. Ruchita Chandra, Homeopathy, 

Sore throats refer to a persistent irritation and itching sensation in the throat region. Sore throats affect children and adults alike. It usually occurs as a result of infections in the nose or the sinuses. It may also occur due to inflamed tonsils which are also known as tonsillitis. The resultant pain due to a sore throat might cause sleeping difficulties.


More often than not, strep throat characterized by inflamed lymph glands, high-temperature fever and white marks within the throat is the most common bacterial reason for a sore throat. The symptoms may include:

  1. Persistent occurrence of headaches and pain in the muscles.
  2. Major discomfort while swallowing food or drinks.
  3. Recurrent pain at the back of the throat.
  4. Chronic episodes of coughing which might interrupt your daily life.

Homeopathic Treatment for Sore Throat-

Homeopathy offers a very effective and safe mode of treatment for sore throat. Homeopathic medicines do not have any side-effects as these are sourced from natural substances. Homeopathic remedies eradicate the recurring tendency of sore throat as they address the underlying cause of the medical condition. The Homeopathic treatment for sore throat is of great help for people of all age groups. The medicines are prescribed taking into view the particular symptoms of each patient.

Some of the homeopathic preparations that are recommended for a sore throat are:

  1. Phytolacca – If the throat has turned dark black or the tonsils dark red along with the symptoms of severe pain while swallowing food along with pain in the back and limbs, Phytolacca is usually prescribed.
  2. Belladonna – If a sore throat occurs with tonsillitis along with a burning sensation and pain during weather change, Belladonna might be helpful.
  3. Lachesis – If the symptoms of a sore throat include significant pain while swallowing liquids, Lachesis can be administered as it can quickly reduce these problems.
  4. Bryonia – If the sore throat has symptoms of a dry cough which becomes considerably worse after consumption of food or drinks, Bryonia is useful.
  5. Hepar Sulphur – This preparation is recommended if you suffer from a sore throat with intense shivering sensation in the throat.
  6. Ignatia – A very effective medication in case you suffer from sore throat due to recurrent inflammation of the tonsils.
  7. Phosphorus – This medication is usually prescribed to people who suffer from sore throat due top over use of their voice due their profession. These people may include singers, public speakers and teaching professionals among others.

It is best to consult your doctor to have the best results instead of self-medicating as he or she would be able to assess the situation correctly and give the optimal combination of medicines.