Chronic Kidney Disease( CKD ) – Best Homeopathic Medicines For It!

Chronic Kidney Disease( CKD ) – Best Homeopathic Medicines For It!


By Dr Monty Talwar , Homeopathy

Chronic kidney diseases refer to those kidney diseases that continue to persist for a prolonged duration. There may be many causes responsible for the occurrence of chronic kidney diseases such as diabeteshigh blood pressure, infections from kidney stones, problems with arteries, some drugs or medicines, polycystic kidney diseases or repeated urinary infections.

Some of the symptoms of chronic kidney diseases are as follows:

  1. Increased or decreased urination.
  2. Blood in urine
  3. Fatigue
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Weight loss
  6. Discoloration of urine

Chronic kidney diseases can cause serious damage to your kidneys and must be treated as soon as detected. Homeopathy offers some effective medicines for treating kidney diseases that are chronic in nature.

They are stated as follows-

  1. Terebinthina- It is used to treat inflammation of the urinary tract and kidney.
  2. Opium- It is used to treat diseases like urine suppression, white urine.
  3. Aurum Metallicum- it is advised for treating the painful sensation felt during passage of urine.
  4. Apis Mellifica- It is recommended for treating kidney inflammation.
  5. Cuprum Arsenicosum- It is used to treat discoloration of urine and other kidney failure diseases.
  6. Phosphorous- It is advised for treating kidney swelling and uremia.
  7. Arsenic Album- if you are suffering from obstruction during urination or undergoing a burning sensation, then your doctor may recommend you this medicine.