How Yoga Can Benefit Your Sex Life?

How Yoga Can Benefit Your Sex Life?


By Dr. Rahul Gupta, Sexology, 

Yoga has come from ancient times from India. It has multiple benefits like maintaining better posture, lowering blood pressure, weight loss, improving brain function, but one important benefit is also that it improves sex life.

How yoga is helpful? How does it help?

  1. First of all, get a proper routine. Practice regular posture on daily basis which helps to strengthen the muscles of back.
  2. Yoga helps you to relax. It basically cause relaxation of the body and makes you stress free. When you are at sound mind you are prone to enjoy sex more. It is often seen that when you are at stress you don’t feel like having sex, commonly it is seen that women often think about the issues during yoga is beneficial which can train your mind to control your thoughts and set your mind free from all these issues.
  3. Yoga often boost your sexual stamina and sexual performance in men.
  4. It helps to stimulate your sexual zones, on an energy level the main root chakra and sacral chakra is often related to our sexual is believed that these centres can get block easily so doing yoga can help to stimulate these chakras which shifts stagnant energy.
  5. One of the form of yoga is Mula Bandha which helps in liftening pelvic floor muscle. In sex the contraction of pelvic floor muscle takes of the form of yoga is Mula Bandha which helps in liftening pelvic floor muscle. Mulabandha helps to protect the spine. Mulabandha can help you to have orgasms.
  6. Yoga helps in increasing your flexibility which helps you in better performance. Stretching your muscle increases flexibility. It helps you to free from hip cramps which is often faced during sex.
  7. Yoga improves cardiovascular function and increases stamina. The exercises performed stimulates endorphins in brain which cause feeling of euphoria and pleasure. Yoga helps in increasing sexual duration.
  8. Yoga helps to boost your confidence. Yoga helps to keep body in proper shape and toned. Often women have more insecurity about their body while having sex. Practicing yoga can make you feel confident when you can see yourself toned. If you yourself appreciate your body you can confidently show it to your partner. The more toned the body is the more confident you become.
  9. Yoga lowers anxiety, lower the stress better you feel of being with your partner.
  10. Yoga helps to improve circulation. Less circulation is a cause for erectile dysfunction. Yoga helps to free blood flow to every part of body which helps in maintaining erection for long.
  11. Bhakti yoga kirtan chantings can bring in deep feeling of love within you. The energy created can help you to feel closer to your partner.