Aging and Your Dental Health

Aging and Your Dental Health


By Dr. Premendra Goyal, Dentistry,

Aging has a huge effect on your body due to the wear and tear your body goes through. People may think of arthritis, wrinkles and other conditions in the elderly. However, teeth are becoming an increasingly large part of geriatrics nowadays. This is because the wear and tear that your teeth go through over the years affects your oral health a lot. Here are some of the ways how age affects your dental health:

1. Other Non-Dental Conditions:

Many old people have many conditions which severely affect the way the body functions. Therefore, many procedures cannot be performed. Among the possible conditions which affect your dental health, hypertension and diabetes are some of them.

2. Xerostomia:

This means the loss of taste in your mouth. This only happens as you get older.

3. Consuming Other Medications:

Medication errors happen much more frequently in the elderly. This is because the elderly have to take a whole host of medicine which other age groups do not have to take. Therefore, the chances of an allergic reaction or some other complication are much higher with the elderly.

4. Sensitivity to Drugs:

The elderly also develop a mouth which is very sensitive to drugs due to past dental procedure such as periodontists and root and coronal caries. These make procedures like anaesthesia difficult.

5. Impairments:

The elderly may have impairments with the ear or with other parts of their body such as their legs which render them unable to walk. These not only make it harder to communicate but it also stops many procedures from being performed due to an inability to take care of oneself after a dental procedure.