5 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last and Keep Each Other Happy

5 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last and Keep Each Other Happy


By Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma, Psychology,

Marriage is not rocket science, and it should never get that complicated. Marriage is a bond between two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. But after a while, you might feel unhappy and struggle to believe your bond can last.

Here are 5 ways to make your marriage last and keep each other happy:

  1. Marriage should be your first priority: Sometimes kids, and work take over your life, and your spouse gets pushed into a corner. Don’t do that; keep marriage as your top priority and watch other parts of your life fall into place.
  2. Re-evaluate your needs: The person you were before marriage and the person you are now are different. And it is okay to change your needs. So sit down, both of you and talk through these changes.
  3. Playtime should never end: Organise weekly dates, or yearly trips to inject some newness into your relationship. Playtime and experimentation must continue in the bedroom as well; these are good ways to keep the spark alive.
  4. Communication is the key: Fights are expected, but it’s what you do after them matters more. Don’t avoid or ignore each other. Sit down, talk and express your feelings, so both of you understand each other better.
  5. Say nice things: And lastly, remind your beloved how grateful you are to have him/her in your life. Never forget to tell them how happy they make you. Expressing your love can never fall out of fashion.